Citra 3D Visuals Gone - Older Version Links

So I was playing Mario Party for the Playstation Twelve (SMT4A) and noticed the 3D visuals won’t load. That is I booted up a save file and neither the top nor bottom screen would show visuals, just black. I tried booting a new save file for the game and when I got to the part where 3D environments and exploration would begin nothing popped up. Ironically the bottom screen which would show the 2D map did show up. I assume it’s a graphics card thing, but The game ran just fine before. The last thing I can tie this to is me updating Citra, Ending up not playing anything, than coming back to the no 3D visuals.
Just checked, and the same thing happened in strange Journey Redux the First person dungeon crawler with pixel sprites, so I just think it has something to do with Citra upgrading itself and my computer not keeping up. If that is the case does anyone have a version link that runs on lower graphics? And if anyone was wondering.

Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G3220T @ 2.60GHz 2.60 GHz
64 bit operating system
4.00 GB RAM

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