Citra 3ds Inazuma Eleven

So i was using citra emulator a lot recently.
But it seems its not optimized or checked much like pokemon games. i hope that inazuma eleven games could be more like playable than it is now.
its kinda laggy. audio is still messed up.
not very optimized. hope that u can look in to this. :slight_smile:

This is not even a question, can you clarify your problem? If it’s about the performance, it’s already answered in the

i mean like pokemon games are running better, i could say great…
but inazuma eleven games are worse in performance.
kinda want to understand why?
It shoudnt be that diffrent right?
and the audio is kinda not good.
should i just wait until the whole citra emulator gets more optimized in perfromance? with time?
bc i have decent pc with 4 cores and 3.9 ghz per core.
and other games are running well expect inazuma eleven ones

Worse when compared to what? Geometry Shader was added in the recent builds, so some games will take a little hit in the performance because more stuff is being rendered on the screen per frame. The audio is as good as your framerate, if the game is running slow, the audio will be bad.

compared to an pokemon sun or moon game.
idk why but on that game i can get from 30-60 fps
and this inazuma eleven game 10-29 fps or so.
in gameplay when doing stuff and moving.
well nvm it then. gonna wait for more updates with time on citra then. have a nice day or so.