Citra and his ''Mii-Applet''

Well, so i was minding my Business and playing ‘‘Super Smash Bros. for 3DS’’ on my Canary Build, the usual
ya’know? Well so i wanted to make a Mii Fighter, everything worked it didn’t or crash or had Graphical Problems.
But then i realized something, the ‘‘Mii-Applet’’ (The Thing where you select your Miis) is missing…
And i was wondering why is it like that, i mean in ‘‘Animal Crossing New Leaf / Welcome Amiibo’’ it works, so i was just wondering if the Citra Team noticed this '‘Problem’ and could probaly fix it.
That would be great!

All Rights belong to Nintendo. :grinning:

I’m working on an implementation and currently facing some issues. I hope to get it done soon.

Thanks for cooperating…

Do you have any Results?

Actually, yes! I made an implementation and it is currently in review. You can see its status here: So it will be added into Citra very soon :wink:


Good! Thanks for your Work…