Citra and timekeeping

This question is non-urgent and partly curiosity, but it may help me with creating cheat codes.

My laptop can’t run most games in Citra at full-speed, and that’s okay, but I noticed something when playing Super Smash Bros. which has an in-game clock. When booting the game, the in-game time matches the computer’s clock, but then the in-game time passes relative to the emulation speed. (In other words, if the game were running at a constant 50% speed, then after 10 real minutes, the in-game clock will have advanced by 5 minutes.)

Clearly this is because it’s counting how much “in-game” time has passed, instead of constantly referring to the internal clock. But my question is: is this a product of how Citra works in general, or is it Smash’s programming? If unknown, then how could I got about determining?

don’t think its just smash’s programing as i have played pokemon continuously and had the igt be different from my actual time. I’m terrible at cheat codes and stuff so don’t know much about that.