Citra android game crash after 1-2 minutes

Please upload a log file after the crash: How to Upload the Log File

Hi I’m on android 1. Here my citra text :
citra_log.txt (1.1 KB)
citra_log.txt.old.txt (138.6 KB)

I think you may have a tad bit too many shaders in your disk shader cache. I suspect that your phone is running out of RAM trying to load them all, but it doesn’t have enough RAM so it crashes Citra instead.

Try going to Internal Storage/citra-emu and rename the shaders folder found here to shaders edit. Then restart Citra and try your game again. If this works, then you can go back to the citra-emu folder and delete the shaders edit folder. If not, upload a new log file.

Thank you that works !!

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citra_log.txt (190.1 KB)
i get 1-2 minutes in sometimes 5 but not really more than that and i crash. i was playing completely fine last night but now im having this issue

This doesn’t appear to be Android? Please open up your own support topic for your issue.