Citra Android Online

When will Citra for Android get online capabilities? Also, can I use Pokemon Bank after it’s added? I really want to transfer Pokemon from Black 2/White 2 to X/Y to Moon/Ultra Moon/Sun/Ultra Moon and then finally to Pokemon Sword.

No ETA for that.

Citra can’t connect to Nintendo’s server so you can’t use that.

What do you mean by ETA?

It stands for: Estimated Time of Arrival

What does that have to do with online? Can’t you just resolve that

On PC, there is support for local multiplayer functions over the internet with Citra rooms, so you can do local trading/battling with other Citra users. This is not currently possible on the Android version, hence no ETA for that.

The actual online (Nintendo servers) will most likely not happen anytime soon on either platform.

Is this a limitation from the Android system or do you think that futuraly the citra’s Android version could receive multiplayer support?