Citra Android: Razer Kishi B-button Always Tied to "Close Game?"

When configuring my Razer Kishi for Citra Android, I am unable to map the B-button, as it always treats it as “escape” or “back”.
Would like the option to disable this, or if not, make this button the Xbox button/not one of the face buttons.

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it is the fault of controller i guess…

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I also use a Razer Kishi and am having this exact same problem! I would absolutely love for someone to find a solution to this I am happy to provide a log if necessary.

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ps4 controller on nvidia shield tv pro/Android/Google tv, same problem.

also, unable to hide button overlays from Android tv interface.

I am also having this exact same problem. Every other emulator I run on Android works fine with the Razer Kishi but not Citra. B button wants to close the game even when I have it mapped in the gamepad settings. It’s the only button I’ve found that doesn’t behave properly.

My Galaxy S20 is on Android 11 if it helps.

Is it fixed?
I want to buy Razer Kishi, because playing 3DS games (only) on touch screen is not comfortable. I need B button working.

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Same issue here. B button on Kishi always results in Exit dialog.