Citra Android Update

This is huge! Congratulations to the team for this achievement.

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Can you guys bring Multiplayer to mobile?

Good job. Very proud of you however Luigi’s Mansion 2 in Lab room’s gfx are still some missing.

And Icarus Kid Uprising’s in game… red/pink flashes still present on the screen… but not that much like before.

I am using Samsung S9.

Como puedo solucionar los de dragon quest 8, mas especifico la misión de cámaron oscuro de tomar una foto, aun que le tomes la foto te sigue dando la misión y no deja continuar la aventura

Habla Inglés. Va contra las reglas.

Speak English. It is against the rules!

Hi team! Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds just goes to black screen and music after using Load State. Is there anything that can be done?

Is there anyway to get this running on Android 10, specifically Galaxy A10?

The save states still need some work. If they consistently don’t work well for your game, it’s best to continue relying on your in-game saves instead.

Hey there! Love your hard work!

Humbly, I make a small request. My favorite games “Sega Ages: ThunderBlade” and others like it (Outrun, Fantasy Zone, etc.) still do not work on citra. I’ve put in countless requests on it elsewhere but to no avail. Thought I’d try here.

For a collector like me, I would love to see these games work to finish my collection, etc.

Any help toward this goal would be much appreciated as I’ve donated countless $$$ toward your project and love it to death.

The games themselves load but crash when they start. Please fix and I will forever be grateful.

Thank you!!

I have a Moto (g7) play and when I try the play store it says it’s not compatible and the apk just says app not installed

my Moto G7 Power (Android 10) is compatible with this emulator but is very slow. PS. my OS is 64bit on the UK version.

If the APK does not work than it’s pretty much not compatible

your out of luck, it sounds like your os is 32bit

Please can you work on multithreaded or vulkan rendering like in PPSSPP or drastic

Thanks! I enjoyed 3DS game with citra. and than I posted a way to use it for my Korean friends. On behalf of my friends, I want to say thank you.

plan to optimisate on kirin device ?

Is there any development plan to improve performance on Kirin devices?