Citra Appreciation

I just wanted to quickly say how impressed I am with the new OpenGL and Networking features in Bleeding Edge. My brain literally aches thinking about how much work went into creating these amazing additions and getting them to good levels of functionality.The vast majority of this forum is community error reporting, which is of course important in making the Citra product better, but I think it’s also important to just occasionally show appreciation to a dev team for a job well done.

Eagerly awaiting implementation of OpenGL and Networking into a stable nightly build. Keep up the great work, guys and gals.


Uh, you probably mean Citra Canary?

You are correct, my good sir. hat tip

I could say “thank you” to you too. Not many people express how great Citra is. No one really bothers to realize how much work, time and effort was poured into Citra. All that users usually care is moar speed, speed and speed. Our team is working really hard to provide the best user experience. It honestly hurts to see our users saying “this unofficial build is miles better than the official one, so the official devs suck.”. Especially when our users have no clue what is going on behind the scenes and what the unofficial devs really do.
Again, thank you very much.


One of the best emulators out there. It also somehow supports multiplayer being an emulator of a post-2007 console, which is possibly magic.