Citra Canary Crashes After Loading ROM

Well, to make this issue short, I had run some games yesterday on this same build of Citra Canary. After coming back to the same PC, the command prompt (below) gives me this business, and ceases to function afterward, the program crashes. I’ve tried to update all of my PC’s drivers, even hard restart and reinstall Citra, but nothing seems to be working. If it’s germane, I was playing both Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition, and then Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. What do I do? I assumed, and evidence seemed to point towards, my GPU, but that couldn’t possibly be it if the PC and software remain untouched. What then?

I tried fiddling with the emulation settings, and apparently enabling the GDB Stub (whatever that means) deters the crash on a ROM loading, but then it just hangs there, because I really don’t know what I’m doing.

Citra Specs:
Citra Canary | HEAD-6b88ec4

Computer Specs:
Intel® Core i5-4590 CPU @ 3.30 GHz
64-bit OS, x64 bit-based processor

please fill out the support template providing the full information so we can help you, you seem to have the wrong version of drivers installed or your gpu does not support opengl required for citra.

also GDB stub is something to be used by people who know how to use it, i recommend you keep it off.

if you are using the integrated gpu then it supports the needed opengl but it seems you don’t have the correct drivers installed, have you tried downloading the newest version directly from intel website?

No, all I did was use the driver wizard to update them manually.

this will most likely result in some wrong drivers, head to intel website and download the latest ones.

So that is where the questions come in. How could it work yesterday, and then today it suddenly does not? If the version of Citra and the drivers I used are the same, how does that work?

i am not quite sure but the console prints that you currently have generic microsoft drivers which will not expose enough opengl version for citra and you need the driver from intel.

Kek, I don’t know. I just installed and ran the driver and support wizard from Intel, but nothing has changed. Citra still crashes.

what did the installer do?

It updated my drivers, although I had already done so manually. Truly, this is all very confusing.

The Intel website doesn’t have anything conclusive except for that driver updater. I’m just running around not really knowing what I’m looking for, or whether it’s the surefire solution to my problem.

it should be, try google and see if you can find a method to get the drivers working.

What exact GPU do you have?

Also, please don’t use any kind of driver updaters / boosters, because they could cause more harm than actually fixing something. Always download the latest drivers from your manufacturers website.