Citra Canary Multiplayer creating room tutorial public and unlisted

Anyone can give a tutorial/instruction on how to create room/host in Canary build?
Because when I try to create I does now show options in “PREFfERED GAME”.

please provide some specific/ clear instructions on this creating a room/ host including some requirements.

thank you

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From the FAQ

How do I make a public room?

To make a public room, follow these steps: 1. If you and the people you are playing with are on different wifi networks, setup port forwarding in your router settings. 2. Go to Multiplayer in the menu bar, and click Create Room. 3. Enter the name of your room to be shown in the public listing and chat window, your preferred nickname, the game that will be played, an optional password if you need it, and the max number of players that can join the room. Unless you know you need it, you shouldn’t have to touch the port number. 4. Click Host Room to create the room.

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I followed the instruction but here it show:

Here is the other one in installations I cant click the preferred game selection.

I have read the FAQ and I double checked my port forwarding. but it doesnt solve the issue.

any other possible solutions?///

Do I need to properly set the settings in installation to work? plz give some tips…

The preferred games box shows games that are in your game list, go to file>select game directory, show it the folder with your games in it

Sir Im sorry but your advise did not resolve it shows this again… thanks

You need to enter your username and token in the web section of the configuration menu to host a public room

thanks its already fix.thanks for the support

hello I have a problem with the online
he tried to create a room and I get thisError%2024-03-2019%2012_41_01

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So you guys didn’t port forward

how to do “port forward”??

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Worked for me thank you!

how do u do that cause i dont know how to do that can u pls help me