Citra cant find SD Card


I just tried to start Pokemon Mystery Dungeon when he was trying to find a SD card. I placed the user folder (sysdata, nand) from my dump into Appdata\Roaming\citra\ . Is this the correct location? Or do I have to put it in there like AppData\Roaming\Citra\user\nand and AppData\Roaming\Citra\user\sysdata?

If you’re playing Gates To Infinity, just press A when it says “SD Card check is complete”.

If you’re playing Super Mystery Dungeon, give us the log. Please note that PSMD is not yet playable.

I’m playing gates to infinity.

I just tested it with the bleed build to get it going like one of the tutorials in here via steam and stuff.

With the nightly build it seems to work fine now :slight_smile:

Sorry completely unrelated but do you know anything about ultra sun because whenever I enter the alola photo club and I talk to the npc the game says checking sd card but it doesn’t find anything. And then it says exit out of the game and insert sd card. Any fixes? This is on citra btw.

In your user directory, is there a sdmc directory? Are there files in it? Does moving it elsewhere, and letting Citra make a new one fix it?