Citra can't run on this PC"

Every time I try open Citra, a pop-up message always appear saying that "this app can’t run on your pc. I tried opening it normally and also tried opening it as an an admin. but the same result always happens. I use a windos 10 x86.

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“x86” = 32-bit. Citra is a 64-bit(x64) application, update your OS to 64-bit.

is that so? right now I don’t have the time to update my OS but I might update it later but is ther a version of Citra that can run on x32 bit? thank you!

Sorry there is none, 32-bit has been phased out for a long time. All processor made in the last 10 years support 64-bit. I think the last Intel CPU that was strictly 32-bit was Pentium 4(earlier models).

32-bit also has restrictions such as only being able to have 4GB RAM.

Thank you then, well, it’s worth the try…