Citra, Change Save Location?

Is it possible to change the save location of Citra? I keep Citra in a folder on my E: Drive, and when i launch Citra it creates folders in AppData\Roaming, is it possible to prevent this and just keep everything in my own Citra folder on my E: Drive?

Edit: I use Bleeding edge version of Citra. I haven’t looked if Nightly builds perhaps saves it in your own folder.

the saving is done this way to accurately mimic how the actual 3ds handles save files. you can create a folder named user in the same directory in which citra is installed and it will use that folder to store all the save files instead of the citra folder in roaming. however keep in mind that when you use the auto updater provided with the bleeding edge the citra file will be deleted along with the user file and you can potentially lose all of your save files if you have not backed them up.

for now just stick with the roaming folder, there is also no current method of manually setting the location of your save files.

So you mean that if I don’t update Citra ever, the save files will be kept in the E: drive with the custom save files folder, right? They won’t get deleted or whatsoever?