Citra closes after loading a modded decrypted ROM

I modded some arc files of Monster Hunter XX a year ago to edit the soundtracks and I wanted to use that modded game on Citra, but as soon as I load it it just closes after a second. No error screen and no log unfortunately. I converted the game to .3ds and then decrypted it, but it won’t work on either Nightly or Canary. The regular version works fine, its just my modded one (which worked fine as a CIA on my 3DS) that won’t start. What could be the issue? I’ve found other people with this problem but no solution yet.

Windows 10
GTX 1070
Canary 764
Monster Hunter XX


Idk what and how you edited in the ROM, but, try this:

I think you are using the “3ds hack tools” for extract the ROM, if you are edditing a encrypted ROM with the “hack tools v.12”, you can use the “v5.6” to extract and edit a decrypted ROM, just remember to rename the “.code.bin” in “ExtractedExeFS” folder to a “code.bin”, without the “.” (dot) in front, before compact the ROM again, idk if this can help you, however you can try heh ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Read this for more details:

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Moving this to General because we don’t provide official support for ROM hacks.

Just replying for anybody who might have the same issue, it was already decrypted so decrypting it again messed it up. My bad.

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how to decrypt a cia file for citra?

On your Nintendo 3DS, start godmode9 and select the game -> TMD file options -> Build CIA from file(standard) and it will dump as .cia & become decrypted.

But it is easier to dump as .3ds or .cxi, leave .cia for game updates & DLC:

can you explain me clearly please

@TudorykMakNark could you explain me clearly