Citra closes on its own every time i open Pokemon Ultra Sun

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Every time I try to load Pokemon Ultra Sun citra closes.
Other games such as Lego STAR WARS TFA and Lego Marvel’s Avengers runs fine.

System Information

  • Operating System: Windows 10 x64
  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-8145U CPU @ 2.10G
  • GPU:Intel® UHD Graphics 620
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): Citra Canary 1789
  • Game: Pokemon Ultra Sun
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):

Diagnostic Log
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citra_log.txt (7.3 KB)

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System Information for Support

Client Version                                Canary 1789 HEAD-1eaa5ae
Operating System                              Windows 10 (10.0)
CPU                                           Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-8145U CPU @ 2.10GHz
Graphics API                                  OpenGL ?
Graphics Renderer                             ?
CPU JIT                                       [x]
Hardware Renderer                             [x]
Hardware Shader                               [ ]
Hardware Shader, Accurate Multiplication      [x]
Shader JIT                                    [x]
System Region                                 -1
Shader Disk Cache                             [ ]

I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.

Can you show what file you are trying to open? Take a screenshot.

Ok, view more details on it so I can see the filesize etc.

File C:/Users/Pablo/3D Objects/New folder/New folder(2)/Pokemon Ultra Sun (USA) (En,Ja,Fr,De,Es,It,Zh,Ko) (2).0.ncch has a different type than its extension.

Should be .3ds or .cxi
Perhaps you should redump correctly using the guides below:

It used to work before perfectly I tried redumping but it is not working.

should I dump the old file(shown in the screenshot) or do the whole process again with the game
If I do so will I lose data because I used Citra save state

Make sure you have 4GB free space on your Nintendo 3DS’s SD card as this is a large game. And make sure you follow the guide(s) exactly, depending if your game is on cartridge (first link) or installed on your 3DS (second link).

When you follow the guides it will either be in .3ds or .cxi not .ncch

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will I lose info if I do it again

Because I got really far in the game and dont want to lose info

No, saves are not tied to a specific file.

Ok i will try redumping

Thanks it is working now.

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