Citra Connect with 3DS?!


I had an idea with the Citra and the PKHeX was to try. Unfortunately, my plan did not work out at the last action.

I wanted the Pokémon from Citra on the original 3DS, on its Pokémon Y store.

But I see it fails an internet. I read that the GTS accesses Ninteno Network and the Citra Emulator does not.

But is there any other way to swap the Citra Emulator on the original 3DS?

I once tried the infrared. But did not go. But maybe you can do something with it?

Thanks and greetings

You cannot connect to official Nintendo servers as server emulation isn’t available yet. You can only emulate local connection, WHICH Citra can only connect to other Citra clients through the use of rooms.

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“Not yet available” will be released soon, rep. is there a search for a solution?


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