Citra 'console' date and time change

Is it possible to change the date and time on the System settings other than a fixed one or synced with my PC? I want to time travel in Animal Crossing without having to change the in-game offset.

I don’t see what you want to achieve. You want to start the game at a fixed time? That’s already possible.

No. I said I don’t need a fixed time.What I needed was a time (running, not fixed) that is not the one on my Windows. Just as if you changed time-zones.
In the meantime, I kept googling and I found this software called RunAsDate that intercepts Windows date and time functions and makes Citra think that my PC time is the one I choose, while keeping that fake clock running.
I would still like to have a native feature for this, so if you know how to do it, I appreciate it.

That is already implemented. The fixed time option fixes the time at which the game starts. The game clock keeps running.

Yes, but the setting itself keeps… well… fixed. And I would have to change it manually every time I open the emulator, keeping in mind when was the last ‘fake time’ that I played Animal Crossing to avoid accidental Time Travelling.
With RunAsDate, instead, I can leave it 8 hours ahead of my time, and it will always be my system time + 8 hours no matter what. That way I avoid confusion. I was looking for a native ‘relative time’ feature as I said. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

Ah, yes, that was part of my original implementation attempt. All right, I’ll try to bring up this with the developers. Can’t guarantee anything though.

Link to the PR:

HHI. My citra time seems to be running 12 Hrs ahead. It isn’t running witht the PC time. It’s 12 hours ahead.

Yep, that’s normal, considering you’re playing Pokemon Ultra Moon.

Is it supposed to be okay if you’re playing other games? Also, can I play Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee on citra?

No, you cannot play Switch games on a 3DS emulator like Citra. You can play it on yuzu though, which is a Switch emulator: