Citra crashes on canary build HEAD-60e094e

Citra crashes whenever I change any type of settings while in game and it also crashes if I pause the emulation.
Is there someone else that have this issue with this build?

PC specs:
Intel i7 7700HQ
500 GB SSD
Nvidia GeForce 1060 6GB
Window 10 Home OS

The Canary build of Citra is the same as our nightly builds, with additional features that are still waiting on review before making it into the official Citra builds. We will not provide support for issues found only in this version. If you believe you’ve found a bug, please retest on our nightly builds. This version is still in development, so expect crashes and bugs.

First thing to do when you have issues Canary is to retest on Nightly. Secondly, post the full log from Nightly (if it happens with Nightly) else Canary is fine.

Sorry, I was kind of confused which version between the canary and the nightly was the stable one. I started using nightly but because of the gpu render options weren’t enabled when that update came out, someone told me to use the canary and so I thought that the canary version was the stable one.
Now it’s clear to me what was the problem, thank you.