Citra crashes on second monitor/non primary monitor

When I open a game in citra I only get a black screen and sometimes I will get game audio for all games I try. I am unable to click anything, the window becomes unresponsive and eventually I have to force close. Now after hours of trial and error I have narrowed it down to the idea that citra only works on my designated primary monitor. See I found these issues do not happen on my other monitor. All games work perfectly. but if I drag the window back to my preferred second monitor the game will eventually crash. Restarting the game yields the same black screen. Obviously I thought something was wrong with my monitor and went through all troubleshooting steps I could find. Nothing changed. Except when I changed my second monitor as my primary monitor in windows. Then everything works perfectly on my second monitor and crashes on my previously primary monitor. I’ve uploaded the crash log from the second monitor but I’m at my wits end trying to figure out the issue. Edit: Just updated to 1874 with same issue.

System Information

  • Operating System: Windows 11
  • CPU: AMD 5800X
  • GPU: Asus TUF 3070
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): Citra Nightly 1873/1874
  • Game: Luigi’s Mansion/All Games
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):

Diagnostic Log
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citra_log.txt (21.8 KB)
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Just to be sure, do both monitors run off of the same GPU? Or do you have multiple GPUs, with one of them connected to the second monitor?

Same GPU, both using displayport. The second monitor is higher resolution and refresh rate which I thought may have been the problem but again, it worked perfectly when it was switched to my primary in windows.

Go to File>Open Citra Folder, then delete the shaders folder found here. Now try your game again on both monitors.

That did not fix the issue.

Please upload a new log file.

Sorry for the delay. I also updated to the latest version 1878 with the same results. This is the log after deleting the shaders.
citra_log.txt (13.7 KB)

If it helps this is the log from my primary monitor with the game working perfectly.
citra_log.txt (18.0 KB)

Could I ask you to open up a github issue about this? We’ve encountered this a couple times now, but I don’t think anyone has bothered to create an issue for this.

I think I found where you want me to go but I did find this. [Bug] Citra crashes when trying to load a game on a second monitor. · Issue #5774 · citra-emu/citra · GitHub
It looks like this person was looped back to this forum. Not sure how to proceed.

They were looped back to support since they never bothered asking for support first. This is to prevent developers from having to troubleshoot issues that aren’t related to any fault in the program, but rather a user-side issue. We’ve ruled out user error as much as we could already in this topic. Hence, opening a Github issue for this is fine (if you’re worried, just link this forum topic in the issue post as well).

Besides, if a dev closes it without further discussion, I’ll go scream at them until they reopen it. No biggie.

Hey, so unfortunately I never opened an issue on github but I wanted to update you since you’ve been very helpful. I may have found the issue and I think it’s to do with audio. The problem was Nahimic Services. I had an issue with this stuff a long time ago and completely forgot it existed. I think nahimic doesn’t play well with opengl. I cant tell you how or why it’s well beyond me but long story short when I stopped nahimic services in the task manager and ultimately disabled it my issue was instantly fixed. I dont know much again about all of this and how disabling nahimic will affect other things like audio drivers and quality in the future for my system, but everything seems good. I wanted to update in case you’ve seen this before and have a different or better solution / can pass this “fix” onto others / or reach out to devs to see if they are aware with any interference caused by nahimic. Thank you again for all the help and hopefully this issue is done for good. If you have any info beyond what I’ve brought up it is always greatly appreciated.

This is the first I’ve heard of nahimic. But, OpenGL being what it is, it’s not unlikely for another program to hijack OpenGL calls. We’ve had that happen in the past with stuff like MSI afterburner (when it still used OpenGL) and overlay stuff like Overwolf. Though, that usually showed up in the log file.

I’ve also found this: [Caused by buggy software Nahimic] Viewport resizing outside of main application window leads to crashes · Issue #3321 · ocornut/imgui · GitHub
Seems like it’s a known issue that Nahimic messes with OpenGL windows.