Citra Crashes when i select a cup in mk7

Selecting a cup un Mario Kart 7 crashes

System Information
Intel® Core® i5 5200U 2.20Ghz 2.70Ghz
Intel® Graphics 5500
500 HDD
Windows 8.1



Cant post the log

Cant post the log

That is not helpful at all. Could you please follow How to Upload the Log File please?

Issue is likely #2443.

Uhh i follow the guide but doesnt apparear the option to open cmd

On the latest update of Windows 10, it was replaced with PowerShell iirc. It should still work.

I just tested a bit and apparently it works when you don’t immediately select the cup, select Shell Cup and then go back and select Mushroom Cup, it works when you do that but not when you immediately select Mushroom Cup.