Citra delete my files on Mac

I install Citra on my Mac and Citra say me to delete one extension I delete one and all my files on my desktop missing.
Sorry for my English beacause I don’t speak English very well.

@NEED_HELP, please respond here.
this is really weird. can you tell us which extension you’ve deleted ?

It’s a word preeced by a number and after Citra show me proposition like delete extension add extension and (I don’t now the word but it’s when your upgrade your version like iOS 11.4 to iOS 11.4.1 it’s an example ).i click on delete all extension and Citra say me all file will be delete in desktop/Citra (the destination where Citra is installed)and Citra delete all my file on the desktop.

where did you delete that file from ? location of the file ?

Citra is installed on my desktop and files missing on my desktop

Before I have Citra on my application but all games I launch on Citra lag and I decide too reinstall Citra but I don’t delete the version on my application.

After I click on delete all extension my antivirus detect something and all file on my desktop missing.

Ensure you are downloading from Citra’s official website. I have no idea where you getting any of this from.

Yes I download Citra on the official website

The website is

What antivirus are you using?

It’s an antivirus of an phone operator and I think you don’t know beacause it’s a French phone operator .the name is sfr security

I don’t understand how your files were deleted (Unless they were hidden?), but I would recommend researching file recovery software ASAP (given the fact that the more you use your computer, the more likely they are to be overwritten.)

Thanks for your help I think too the file is just hidden beacause it’s just take 10 seconds and I have already launch a scan with EaseUS.I hope it will be working.

Hi, was this ever resolved? I ran into a similar problem. I installed Citra and ran the uninstall program. Now, all the files on my desktop disappeared. Any way to get them back?

@LostieLoo hi my friend