Citra deleted on me?

I tried to download the update, and it deleted! i did it right, i’ve done it before, but now it won’t let me use it. i have spent HOURS playing on tomodatchi life and animal crossing and i really don’t want to lose that because that’s all i’ve been doing with my quarantine. HELP ME PLEASE. (laptop)

Your saves should still be safe in %appdata%\Citra\sdmc. You should make a backup of that folder just in case.

There was a hiccup recently but it should have been fixed now, though there is a new issue with the audio. Sorry for the inconvenience.

My app deleted completely and there’s nothing for me to open to look for my saves or anything.

Can you show your AppData\Roaming folder if there is a folder called Citra there, if there is open it and show what’s inside. You can get there by pressing WinKey+R and then type %appdata% into the box.

there’s no app at all and i have no folders with data. citra just turned into an unopenable file or something? i don’t know anything about tech at all.

Forget about the application for a second :stuck_out_tongue:

Do this (press Windows Key + R on your keyboard) and type %appdata% into the box then click OK:


Then see if you still have a Citra folder here (show with a screenshot):


Citra should not delete its folder in Roaming if it would get uninstalled, you should be able to simply reinstall and the saves should still be there. If not, you could try Recuva ( and see if you can still recover the save files if they really got deleted.

oh, it’s there! how can i reinstall it without deleting the data?

You should make a backup of this Citra folder first just in case (zip the folder and copy it to another drive / upload to like Google Drive etc.)

Download the installer again from and run it. I’m not sure what it will say so perhaps share some screenshots so I can see.