Citra Disassmebler Question

Hi guys. First just wanted to say thank you to everyone on the Citra team for making such a great emulator! I’ve been making use of it quite a bit (in conjuction with software like Cheat Engine) to take apart games for inspection with great success! However, one thing that seems to confuse me is the fact that Citra’s disassembly window does not appear to cover the full range of instructions; it only foes from 0x00100000 to 0x001711a0 when in fact many games have instructions that continue on until roughly 0x00400000! I was just wondering if there was any inherent reason behind this and if there are plans to increase the functionality of the disassembler anytime soon. Also will Citra be adding a memory viewer? Just so that I don’t have to use Cheat Engine for that.

I’ve never really tried the disassembler but everyone says it’s horrible.
I’d suggest trying the gdbstub instead (which I also never tried).

Through the gdbstub you should be able to dump all memory AND disassemble it.

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What JayFoxRox said. The built-in disassembler is quite buggy and we should probably remove it. The recommended way is to use the gdb stub with some external debugger.