Citra Discord ban appeal

It says I’m banned but I don’t remember doing anything wrong. Could I be appealed please?

Please give me your discord tag or/and discordID so that I can look into what happened.

My Discord tag is Zetachu#1203

I have been waiting 24 hours for a response now.

I’ve asked the other moderators to look at the case. I can make a decision once I hear back from them.

Hey uhh it’s been 4 days

I really hate it when ppl are banned from discords for no reason at all…

Hi, your account has been unbanned.

We generally log every ban that is made on the Discord and on the forums, but after looking for a while and asking the rest of the moderators, nothing came up. So I assume your account might’ve gotten banned in the crossfire during a raid or something. In any case, sorry for the inconvenience. You should be good to join again: Citra

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