Citra display split into 3 columns, only renders on right-most

While installing some HD packs and mods, I must have accidentally toggled some setting which is causing the Emulator to display 3 columns, separated by grey bars, and rendering the game only on the third, or right-most, column. I tried playing with View settings but none of them seem to change this. Hoping someone can pinpoint a specific setting to revert to a single display. Happens across all games, which is why I believe it’s an Emulator setting.


Running on Steam Deck, installed via Emu Deck.
Emulator version is Nightly 1913.

citra_log.txt (337.1 KB)

Appreciate any help.

Can you try to restart Citra? This bug is usually gone after Citra got restarted.

I thought I tried that but maybe not.
I installed some more textures, restarted emulator, and then issue is gone.
Thanks for help.

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