Citra DLC Problem + This Game

Hello everyone, i’m new here. I would like to ask some questions regarding 2 problems: 1. How is DLCs on Citra now? Is it able to play DLC content with Citra yet? For ex: SMT 4 Apocalypse 2. Why is the game : Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven runs super slowly on citra ? Is there any way to run it like 20+ fps ? Tks for taking yer time !!

  1. DLCs aren’t supported in Citra yet.
  2. If you aren’t running Canary, please try that.
  1. Thank you so much for the info. Hope u guys will make DLCs available soon
  2. Already downloaded and tested. It’s not crash, it just… running super slow ( 100% like the nightly build )
    Here is some screenshot

What are your system specs? (CPU, GPU)