Citra doesn't detect a .cia game: how can i solve this?

Hi, i have just updated my Citra to the latest version 1991. I see that after the update i have to rescan my games: i have done it, but one of my games, the only one in .cia format, isn’t detected by Citra. How can i solve this problem?
The game is 3D Gunstar Heroes.cia

Operating System: Windows 10
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3700X
GPU: RTX 2060 Super
Citra Version: 1991
Game: 3D Gunstar Heroes.cia

Thank you!

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File

.CIA games can be installed via File → Install CIA. Not 100% sure if you need to have the homemenu installed to launch it however.

thank you, you are right, i forgot that. I don’t know why, but after the update to the new Citra version, i lost my games list. I reloaded it but the CIA game where not detected, i installed it again.
I lost the Super Smash Bros Updated and DLC too: i have to install them again. It is quite strange, if i update Citra it shouldn’t be necessary to reinstall the DLC, Updates and .cia games…am i right?

thank you!

As long you do not put your user folder where the .exe is at if you use the installer. Because Citra wipes the folder where it’s installed when it updates.

By default Citra installs at C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Citra while settings, saves etc at C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Citra so it’s split up.

currently i don’t have any Citra folder here: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local
Yes, i have citra folder here: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Citra. But I also have a “user” folder into the emulator installation folder: D:\EMULATORI\Nintendo 3DS\Citra\nightly-mingw\user.
The user folder thas more or less same folders/files than Citra folder (the user folder has more files and is bigger than Citra folder):

I don’t know why and i don’t know if it is the correct configuration…
It seems that:

  • config, log, nand, shaders, folders are updated and more complete into the AppData\Roaming\Citra folder
  • sdmc, sysdata folders are updated and more complete into the EMULATORI\Nintendo 3DS\Citra\nightly-mingw\user folder
  • screenshot folder is empty and only present into the AppData\Roaming*Citra* folder
  • cheats folders are empty in both path

Is this correct?

If you used the installer and chose D:\EMULATORI\Nintendo 3DS\Citra\nightly-mingw but created user folder there then you are telling Citra to ignore C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Citra and use user folder instead however every time you use the updater it will delete user since it is in the same folder as the install.

You only do user folder when doing portable “manual” installs. (There is a manual section at the download page on our website).

well, if possible i prefer to have the configuration folder of the emulator in the same emulator folder, not in AppData\Roaming\Citra.
In order to do that, how i can fix my configuration? Is it better to create a new installation folder and perform a clean installation using one of these 2 package? I don’t know which is the difference…which is the one i have to use?

It seems they are the same:

After that, i unzip the content in a new folder, and then how i can keep all my configuration, DLC, title updates, cia and so on still valid? Currently as i wrote in my previous post, i have some updated folders in AppData\Roaming\Citra folder and others in EMULATORI\Nintendo 3DS\Citra\nightly-mingw\user folder…

thank you

I believe one is compiled with mingw while the other is msvc. Doesn’t really make a difference for the end user.

Create a user folder like you did before. Since this version doesn’t come with an auto updater things won’t vanish with it anymore. You will need to update the files (extract) from a new build manually though but you don’t have to if it’s working just fine. Maybe only do that when there is a new feature.

Just remember to start the correct version or delete the old installs to not get confused.

welll, i quite sure i didn’t manually create a “user” folder…it was already present.
Ah, if i download the zip files (both .7z and .zip files i posted above) Citra will not detect anymore a new version?
Is it possible to create a clean installation with the auto.updater and all the saved files (DLC, config, and so one) in one place only?
I could create a fresh installation using the installer (like in this guide: and during the set up, i can choose the folder where Citra will be installed and i can choose my EMULATOR/Nintendo 3DS/Citra folder (instead the default path).
In this way the emulator will be a portable/stand alone configuration.
But i will loose all my current configs and installation (DLC, titles updates, .cia installed games)…i have to understand how to keep them after the clean installation…

thank you very much