Citra doesn't load the game save file

Hi , I had to reinitialize my computer and now citra load the games but without the save. i think the save are still
there because i see files in the sdmc folder. How can I fix this?

Do i have to follow these steps?

Go the Roaming folder in %YOURPCNAME% directory and see if citra folder is there

By “reinitialize” you mean reinstalled the OS?

And if that happened, did you save the Citra folder that was in C:/Users/your username/AppData/Roaming?

I didn’t save anything but there’s a Citra folder in %appdata% ->roaming .

By “reinitializing” i kept all the personal folders but it deleted some applications.

Did you have Nightly or Bleeding Edge before?

I use the nightly build. I have one from first december and also newer versions.

Is the user folder inside the nightly build?

If yes, follow that link that you linked in the first post.

If not, open Nightly and right click the game. Select Open Save Data Location.

The user folder is where i downloaded citra (first december). So i guess i can follow the link?

About the link does the five and six step mean i have to copy-paste the content of the user folder in the roaming and replace the files ?

Yes, you need to replace the files.

i’ll try this later. Thanks for the help ^^

It didn’t work. I also made a copy of the roaming content in another folder. it’s running the game but i have to start a new one.

Okay i didn’t pick the right folder. Now i’m in local->citra-> app 0.1.450-> but there’s no user folder. ( I have one on my desktop but I didn’t find it there)