Citra dont launch my game

Citra dont want to run my games

citra_log.txt (3.3 KB)

Make sure your drivers are up to date, make sure you meet the minimum requirements laid out in the FAQ. Try to be more descriptive than just “Citra don’t want to run my games.” Is there an error? Does it immediately close?

Yes i have a error ;

“Mii data is missing. Please dump your system archives. Continuing can lead to crashes and bugs.” And if I click on continue I have a fatal error.

Did you actually read the errors and dump your system archives?

Some games require you to dump certain files from your 3DS. Please refer to our System Dumping Guide.

All games have the same problem, and i dont have an SD card reader or a way to wirelessly transfer files between the 3DS console and a computer. Do you think I can ask someone for a copy of his files?

After several attempts, I realized that this error only occurs on some games like Animal crossing lew leaf or Kirbi triple deluxe

No, we can’t recommend that you do that as that does fall under piracy.

Some games don’t need them, and can run just fine.

USB card readers are extremely cheap, only a few dollars, and you’re going to want to get one sooner than later- everything used sd cards these days. Even if it were allowed to share dumps, people wouldn’t because if someone misuses their system files or posts them online their console could get banned by Nintendo!