Citra emulator crashes at a specific point in game pokemon sun(when the animation apppears for the appearence of the totem pokemon on the first trial on akala island i.e.luna's trial)

I am new to citra and wanted help for my game I am playing pokemon sun on latest citra build d0bf7df(nightly) the whole game worked fine on earlier builds.when I updated citra the whole game worked fine but at a certain part of the game or you could call it a challenge when I attempt that challenge an animation starts the emulator crashes and progress goes to last save point. it appears to be a shader problem in the experimental branches of citra I have attached a log file so please help me out I have attached the log file which shows what goes wrong in citra at that specific level or animation please help as soon as possible

System Information

  • Operating System:windows 10
  • CPU: intel i3 sixth gen 4 gb ram
  • GPU: intel hd graphics 520
  • Citra Version (found in titlebar):HEAD-d0bf7df
  • Game:pokemon sun
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):
    here is link to the log file

I’m pretty sure that Bleeding Edge builds don’t crash there. It’s a Shader JIT problem, play in Bleeding Edge until a new Nightly build will come.

but bleeding edge builds have other numerous problems and if they crash no support is provided

Then try disabling Shader JIT in the options before that cutscene.

it worked even though it runs really slow but it worked thank you.i disabled jit before cutscene then kept it disabled for the whole fight. if I ever tried to enable jit after cutscene but during fight it crashed but when I kept it diabled during cutscene and fight it did not crash citra .and after the fight I enabled jit shader and worke fine and gave me the chance to save the problem’s solved

Does this still happen in latest nightly?

Not sure about Pokemon Sun, but it certainly still crashes in cutscenes in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, which should still be the Shader JIT problem.

It’s not a Shader JIT problem. It’s a H/W renderer problem, and it’s a regression.

Yes it does .it still happens on latest nightly build [quote=“wwylele, post:6, topic:458, full:true”]
Does this still happen in latest nightly?
[/quote]it also happens when you use z power if keep hw renderer on it runs fine but if shader jit is enabled during z power or totem pokemon citra crashes, with same log in z power and totem pokemon surrounding itself with aura

This doesnt happen anymore. ( Just updating the info )


Is it applicable to Alpha sapphire? When kyogre is being awaken it crash. So, I have to disable Enable Shader JIT?

The relevant issue doesn’t say anything about that, but you can try. Also please create a new topic.