Citra for android has been unusable for 2 months. When will y'all fix it?

For those who aren’t aware. Citra for android has been unusable for almost two months. It works fine but Within minutes it’ll crash, it uses 100% of your CPU making your phone extremely hot and performance hasn’t been improved since it was released.

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Please read our Community Guidelines. You are not allowed to link or discuss unofficial Citra builds on the Citra forums. Continuing to discuss those builds will lead to a suspension from the forums.

As for your question: Citra is striving for accuracy as opposed to performance/features. This sometimes comes into conflict with our user user experience. The performance will get better over time as the app gets more optimized. The updates will come when they’re ready. In fact, a patch was released yesterday that adresses the crashing issue that some users have been experiencing.

Keep in mind that this type of development takes time and is limited by the interests, expertise and time of the developers working on it. The improvements will come, you’ll just have to be patient.