Citra for Android, it will release?

Before anything, I’m a little outdated of the Citra’s things, like development and etc.

I’ve heard around about a Citra for Android, but was just rumors. But officially, will have a Android Citra? Because Android, nothing more nothing less, is based in the Linux (or Unix, I don’t remember well now), so I guess port it isn’t so hard. Again, I guess. The hard part is adapt the controls, I guess again.

That’s it. Sorry if I talked a bullshit. D=

Well, no. Citra won’t come to Android soon.

Android is related to Linux, but if you would want to compile Citra for Android, you would have to disable all things that speed up Citra in the build. You would basically run at 1 FPS even on the best phones.

But why?

Exist, for example, a DS emulator: DraStic. And it’s pretty good.

Exist too a GameCube emulator for Android.

The 3DS is a different console than the DS or GameCube. Period. The consoles have different hardware.

…I know this.

But isn’t answer my question yet. Why is required to disable all things that speed up Citra?

Because phones are running on a different CPU architecture than normal CPUs on PCs and don’t support normal OpenGL 3.3.


Now I got it. Thanks.

In other words: only if have in a future a Android device that support Open GL 3.3 can have a possibility of have a Android Citra?

Yes, unless a Vulkan backend is developed.

Another required thing is a ARM backend, which is pretty hard to code.

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basically what hexagon12 said. Mobiles use different type of OpenGL called OpenGL ES. Although it is possible to port it but as of now there wont be anything like that.