Citra for Mac crashes after launching game for a second time

I’ve installed the most recent version of the Citra Nightly Build: [Nightly Build - f4e727c] and for some reason whenever I start up Kid Icarus Uprising it’ll work the first time, when I close the app/game and want to start up the game again it crashes and from that point onward, whatever I do, everything crashes Citra. I’ve tried older versions and they end up with the same results.

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Hello, I am on a MAC myself, have you tried enabling Accurate multiplication in the graphics part of preferences?

Here is how to access preferences

Dear BobyBanana, I’ve turned on “Accurate multiplication” but it didn’t fix anything, it still crashes

Hello, have you update your drivers and graphic cards?

Hi, isn’t that updated automatically with every MacOS Update? I’ve never actually heard of driver updates on MacOS for your GPU unless it’s an external one.

Oh okay, sorry I don’t know how to fix this, maybe a moderator will see this topic.

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I certainley hope so, thanks again for taking your time to help me.

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Ever since the most recent Citra nightly update for Mac, I’ve been unable to boot any of the 3D phoenix wright games (I’ve tried Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice). Other 3D games work, like Ultra Sun, and the 2D Phoenix Wright games work for me too, however not the others. I run the games, and they just crash Citra after a second of running. It’s strange.

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Hello, I have the lastly updated Citra too. I will tell you which games work for me : Pokemon Ultra Sun, Inazuma eleven go chrono stone, Pheonix Wright vs Professor Layton, Driver 3D

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If you like Pheonix Wright, I recommend you Pheonix Wright vs Professor Layton which works

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It’s on my list! love both series

Thanks, but I wanted to play the Spirit of Justice DLC’s (there are a few). I might check out the other games tho later. But first, I’d like some help too on how to prevent Citra from crashing every time I try to load up Spirit of Justice :confused:

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I’ve updated Citra this morning and It still crashes with Kid Icarus as well