Citra freezes' out during Omega Ruby credits

Citra Emulator freezes’ out during the Pokemon Credits in Ruby Omega:
A few days ago I started my adventure on Ruby Omega. Everything went fine, from times to times I had a few lags but nothing problematic or originating from Citra as I know I need to upgrade my GPU. So I continued the main story line and reach the Pokémon League with my team of 5 (Jungko, Mawile, Latios, Gardevoir and Milotic), three of them could mega evolve and I actually defeated Steven with Mega-Mawile. The game perfectly saved in the Hall of fame room, I get registered and the credits launch. Everything rolls fine till the image of Timmy and his Mega-Gallade standing in front of me and my Mega-Mawile (as you can see in the image below), the end of the credits finish to roll, the music ends but the game stays on the image and I can’t do any combination. I can’t softreset, I can’t move or anything else I just have to stop the emulation.

I’ve look out cause I knew it was an issue with a official patch that nintendo released and made sure that my rom was correctly made with the update added but I still can’t figure out why Citra freezes, I’m confident that it’s more a rom-related issue but I hope you can help me out.

System Information

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 64 bits
  • CPU: @ 4.00GHz
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 760
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): Citra Canary 534
  • Game: Pokémon Omega Ruby
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):

Diagnostic Log
citra_log.txt (811.4 KB)

I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.

Upload your save file to help reproduce it.

As I’m a bit new to the forum, how should I do that? As the save file is neither of the supported file type.

I’ll do it asap if you tell me how.

In Citra, right click on the game in the game list (add the directory to the ROM first) and select Open Save Location.

That’s not what I meant. I know were to find the save file but it is none of the following:

  • jpg, jpeg, png, gif, txt, log

So I am a bit lost towards how can I upload my save file for you to reproduce it.

The file should be called main. Just drag and drop it in your post.

When I do so I get the following message:

Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, txt, log).

This is why I’m wondering how can I provide you with my save file.

Upload it to a file host and post the shared link.

Does the audio still playing when graphic freezes? if so try to install Microsoft visual c++ 2017 x64 and reboot your PC

The audio is still playing till it’s end, I’m gonna try to download the C++ 2017 64. Thanks for the possible solution.

For @Leo121 here is the link to my save file:

Hopefully it will help not only me but possibly others.

So I’ve downloaded and install C++ and rebooted my PC but it keeps freezing. Thanks for the idea tho.

Unable to reproduce this. I have the latest update installed for this (v1.4). This bug was fixed in v1.2. Uninstalled the update and was able to reproduce it. Either you installed v1.1 or you patched the ROM incorrectly with the update which is not recommended.

The recommended way of installing updates is to dump them as standard CIAs with GodMode9 and install with Citra (File -> Install CIA).

Citra is so accurate it can emulate bugs on real 3DS :eyes:


Can you update from version 1.4 to 1.2 through citra