Citra Full Screen + Controller [Tutorial]

Best thing I’ve found for full Citra compatibility. This is what I’ve been using to play until official full screen is implemented. This program is 100% free and does not use any zoom function. Instead, it removes title bars and maximized the form window. If you disable Single windowed mode, load up this program, and set the game window to full screen (F3), it will remove the title bar and scale the game window to your monitor. Here is a screen shot

I use the single screen setting in Citra and toggle between the bottom screen with my controller’s left stick click (PS4 touch pad to simulate stylus). I accomplish this by using steam to launch Citra and button map my PS4 controller; however, the same thing can be done with alternative software such as xpadder or using your keyboard every time to toggle swap screen (if you’re a masochist). Hope this helps anyone else in the same boat as I found myself!


Thanks for the quick write-up for anyone who absolutely needs fullscreen! Does the program not work with other layouts? I don’t have any experience with it, and any information may be of interest to anyone who decides to :slight_smile:

Also, just to offer an alternative, there’s a program that does the same, but it’s open source:

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The program works with all layouts. Pretty much does the exact same thing as what you provided, but provides a fullscreen hotkey: F3

I’ve heard about that program as well. Either should work!

I just wanted to mention it due to its open source nature. Open source is bueno. And thanks for the confirmation!


How do you swap between screens with a key? I only found a way to do it by opening settings > graphics > swap.
How do I map all this to a key/button?


you can change from here

The same also works on Linux using devilpie rules.
With XFCE this is even easier: Right-Click the window title bar and select “Fullscreen”.

(Both of these techniques depend on the “Single-Window Mode” being disabled, just like the mentioned Windows solution)

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This is exactly what I was hoping to do, run the 3ds majora’s mask 3d on our 82" tv and use our ps4 controller. The wiiu version I bought is just the old version but made compatible with the wiiu, so this looks like a way to be able to play the far superior version on our pc.

Thanks for this encouragement! I didn’t realize you could use the steam controller support with other programs by adding them to the steam library. great solution!

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I’m happy I could help!

I think I have this setup right, but I can’t get past the initial load… the window is black with the logo in the lower right corner.

My settings are default, with d being the circle pad modifier, but pressing it and any of the number keys does nothing at all.

Any advice?

How do you get past the initial load black screen with the logo (The circle pad prompt? I can’t tell if I have it all set up properly because I can;t get past that screen, and I haven’t found a key combo that works yet.

Also, is there any way to share your steam ps4 controller profile?

Please don’t hijack other peoples thread @gareee .

  • If you need help with PS4 controllers you should probably create a new thread, maybe a meta-thread for all joystick config related issues.
  • If you need help with getting past a game specific error you should at least mention which game it is and probably have a seperate thread about it.

Also note that there is no official support for the joystick support yet. There’ll be a graphical user interface to configure it in the future, however, at the moment we barely support even using gamepad input.
So unless your life depends on it, I’d suggest to just wait a couple of weeks or use third party solutions to map gamepad input to keyboard.

How am I hijacking the topic? Its specifically about using full screen and controller. I’m trying to clarify how he accomplished this so I can replicate it.

This is the second thread you’ve jumped on me in. If you have a beef with me, send it in pm rather than hounding me in the forum and cluttering the thread in off topic debate.

Having trouble with this… disabled “Single Window mode”, Set Citra to Single screen. Not sure how to get this going from here… I’m getting an error when clicking on the open window when attempting to add it. Can you elaborate further on this?

Can’t really get this to work. Pressing F3 with single window disabled does remove the borders, but it stays the same size (pretty small), doesn’t go fullscreen.

You need to change internal resolution in citra, maximize it it so it’s fills the screen, ensure it’s not in single window mode, then hit F3 to fill the screen the rest of the way. This should be fairly simple.

Play with the citra settings. I don’t​ have it in front of me to reference but sounds like you aren’t doing something right.

i am unable to exit from this fullscreen F11 is not working what i am supposed to do? please help…

Are you referring to this tutorial? Citra now has fullscreen feature so this tutorial is redundant.

which one?
i dont know how but my emulator screen is not coming even if i am pressing F11…
Can you Help ME

Your’e asking in this tutorial thread so I’m assuming you’re following it.