Citra game data

save data gets corrupted

which game? are you using cheats or mods?

i used cheat codes obtained from github, game is pokemon x

disable them before launching your game. you may also have to move or delete your save data, you can find your save file by right clicking on your game on citra’s game list and ‘Open Save Data Location’.

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Did it still does not activate cheats

Did you change anything? removed update? are you playing on multiple citra builds? ordinarily your save file shouldn’t get corrupted unless you do something like closing citra during a save in progress…

The only time I’ve seen genuine savefile corruption is when a bad cheat code is used.

Can you screenshot what exactly it’s showing you in game? Have you been able to load a savefile before?

What about creating a new save, saving, and reloading, does that work?
Have you deleted any of your data from folders in the past?

after reading the comments i tried a few things