Citra Graphics for Pokemon USUM

So I like the new Citra update so far, but there is one problem that I have. In the last build I used, Citra_LLVM5.0.0_Qt5.9.2_generic_sandbox_20171107, Pokemon Ultra Sun was able to run with beautifully
smoothed out graphics. Is there anything I can do to configure the emulator so that the pixels are just as smoothed out in the new Citra version?

Here’s a comparison of the two emulators. Left is the November 2017 build and right is the latest.

I don’t see what you’re talking about, it just looks like nightly is running at a higher internal resolution, is that not what you want?

Both of them are running at an internal resolution of 3. Take a look at the two plant in the top screen. I want to have the textures(I think that’s what they’re called) smoothed out on the Nightly build.

Look at the edges of the buildings, they are definitely not running at the same internal resolution.

I have no idea where you’re getting at.

I think it’s called texture filtering. So what I’m trying to ask is how can I enable texture filtering in the Nightly update?

Also, there was a way that Citra_LLVM5.0.0_Qt5.9.2_generic_sandbox_20171107 was able to render the hardware into filtering the textures, because when I turned it off, the graphics went back to its default textures.

Texture filtering is currently only available on unofficial builds, which we do not support.