Citra has a tilt input?

while i was playing game i noticed that the game was requiring a tilt input and i noticed that citra was build with QT so what i thinked is to add dial in the white part of the screen and use it as tilt input but a continue tilt input would ruin the game performance so i thinked about to add a checkbox that when it is checked it start sending the tilt input something like that void MainWindow::on_dial_valueChanged(int value4) { if(ui->checkBox->isChecked()){ //input code here } }

there is already tilt support just hold right click on the touch screen

thnx for the quik answer i think that i have an old version of citra then also what i’m supposed to do while i’m holding right click on the touch screen

just noticed that i can’t download the latest version of citra
amazon server are down

You’ll have to wait until they’re back up again then. :slight_smile:

move the mouse up and down i guess

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how to do it on touch pad