[Citra] I would like to understand about the "encrypted roms"

Hi. Android user here.

To what I hear, Citra cannot run encrypted roms. It can only load decrypted roms. But, I’m starting to question this. Keep in mind that you can correct me if my following statements are already wrong, OK?

So I have this 3DS0756 rom. It’s encrypted, so I figured there’s no way to play this. But then, with my curiosity, I still want to try to load it to the emulator. Surprisingly, Citra is able to run it!

Is there something I didn’t understand about the encrypted roms? Why can I still run it?

Thanks for answering!

Encrypted means in a format like .zip, .rar, .7z etc. And decrypted means decryption of that format into the actual file(in this case is .3ds)…

But, according to No-Intro, there are two formats: Decrypted and Encrypted. Each has different checksums. Does that mean being decrypted or encrypted doesn’t matter as long as it’s in 3DS format?

If encrypted means in an archive format, then what is the purpose of those decrypting tools when I can just extract the archive?

I’m sorry for being a newb.

If you are having that issue you can you any decryption tool and it will decrypt the 3ds or via for you…

You are supposed to actually buy the game and dump it with your 3DS, then you won’t have to worry about decryption. Anything else is piracy and not supported by Citra of course.
Just get the 2DS and the games second hand, they are really cheap now.

Encryption doesn’t meant the file is an archive. Encryption basically means hiding the actual content of the file. It would just look like useless garbage until you decrypt it and make the content visible again.
.3ds/.cia files can be compared to a .zip/.rar file that is protected by a password, but unlike .zip/.rar you also can’t look inside the .3ds/.cia without decrypting it first.

Citra can run encrypted if you have dumped the keys from your Nintendo 3DS: