Citra image freezes but the game continue!

Hello guys. my problem is that after the new update of citra canary (Canary Build version - bae4b4b) it always freezes the screen but still I can hear the sound, a sign that the game is running. I tried to download older versions and the same problem continues. It used to freeze but was much less frequent. I use an intel graphics board 520, if I try to switch to CPU it is impossible to play. Thank you if you can get a solution.

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I also have an Intel HD 520 and this happens to me after a while in games. It can happen after a few seconds or after half hour but eventually it happens. You have this classified as off-topic though so you need to get that changed.

I think it might have something to do with GS b15. Can you try again after updating to a newer build? This should be fixed. wwylele pushed a fix yesterday, iirc. Also, what game are you playing?

It happens across several games. Will do some testing for a bit to see if latest build fixes.

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Still happens, at least in Pokemon Sun and Mario and Luigi - Dream Team

Can you try reinstalling your graphics drivers?

Already did the update/reinstall graphics drivers routine.

This has already been reported here. To consolidate bug reports into one place instead of being spread across multiple topics, closing this.