Citra is incorrectly labeling the play ability of games

I just updated Citra and the icon for NES remix got down graded a few times from being PERFECT -> OK -> now it says unplayable RED.
No, this isn’t correct because I was playing it just fine with my fairly out dated machine. I also noticed that Metroid was downgraded in the category as well for some reason.
You would think that these categories would be improving as the updates go on instead of downgrading I have no idea why it would be an untrue statement showing up on there but I just thought I would let someone know about it.

probably because the algorithm just gets it rating from user submissions, averages and/or chooses the most common rating. take mario kart 7 for instance, it has currently 4 ‘Great’ user rating, so it’s probably using the later.

The compatibility ratings shown in Citra are derived from user reports. There are lot of factors that affect compatibility and these may differ from user to user.
It is just avg measure of playability or how well the game works and isn’t meant to be precise.

Ok makes since. Thanks.