Citra is slow and becomes fast in between then goes back to slow

sometimes when i play it goes very fast and back to slow

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is it fast as in speed up? the keys + and - (both top row and numpad) increase and decrease speed limit, Ctrl + Z unlocks the framerate, make sure that you aren’t pressing those keys, or remap your controls or your hotkeys to avoid conflict.

With what game? Not every game runs full speed.

i am playing ultra moon and oras

cpu-Intel Pentium @ 1.10GHz
Apollo Lake 14nm Technology
gpu-Generic PnP Monitor ([email protected])
Intel HD Graphics (Lenovo)
citra canary 764

likely not a bug, you need a better pc to achieve fullspeed on citra.

A CPU with high single core performance is recommended for Citra.

how much fps should i except?

With your CPU and GPU in mind, around 15-18 FPS at native resolution would be a good guess.

there is another thing happening if citra is running and i go out but it is still running when i resume playing it it gives me high fps

A guess: this could be related to power settings kicking in.

is there a way to make it permanent

You could look into getting better performance battery settings (I forget how it’s done on Windows.), but it still is unlikely for your hardware to give you consistently high speed.

thank u guess i will only get 5mins of 50 fps

KINDA off topic but any updates on x and y

It’s inching closer to being playable. When it is, we’ll be sure to announce it with a blog post.