Citra is the most helpful community i ever witness

[Moderator: link removed.]

just asking for suggestion on my problem that i had, still hope to get help

you were banned probably because not only you asked for help for a game that you didn’t dump from your 3ds but you also mentioned the website.

as implied above, you need to dump your game from your 3ds.

well thats the reason enought to get me banned and never let post again? whats that dump anyway? in some tutorials i watched they didnt do nothing more than i did, they just installed citra and afterwards the game and played

why you were banned specifically you will have to ask them.

follow this guide to dump your games:

the citra subreddit has no affiliation with the citra project. please take any issues you have with them directly as we don’t really care what those reddit mods decide to do.

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isnt this a 3ds emulator? do i need a 3ds to use citra?

firstly, you need a 3ds to dump (backup) your games, either cartridge or eshop, there is no way around it but to pirate it without a 3ds which is illegal and not supported not only on this forum but on many other forums.
also, much like the pcsx2 needs a ps2 bios to work, some games on citra requires some 3ds system files to work.

i was based on this video : [Moderator: link removed.]

he dosent need 3ds, he just downloads the game and play it

video doesn’t exist, even if it did, other than using a 3ds to dump your games, or any less known method to get your games files out of your 3ds game cartridge (if there’s any), is piracy, and this forum doesn’t support piracy.

ahh, didnt know, i thought is just a good 3ds emulator to play 3ds games

btw heres the vidoe, dont know where i got that link from : [Moderator: link removed.]

That video is extremely old and Bleeding Edge is now known as Canary. We also have a compatibility wiki ourselves.