Citra issues with 2 pc

I got 2 old pc but not very old 1 pc is Acer and the other one is dell latitude here is the specs below:-

When i use Acer theres dialog box saying Opengl 3.3 and it says does not support driver so i cant play with my Acer

When i use Dell yes it can run but the audio is very very slow and after i save the game the character that i play turn into white figure like a ghost no face,no shirt audio stuttering but speed is playable when i try move the character around its just fine. When the door is open the door open first then the sounds follow bit late not syncronise. I think i dont need to buy a new pc because both my pc can run other 3D games just fine, im just curious why i can play other 3D high definition games but cant play well on citra? Nintendo 3Ds is just simple 3D not a very high definition rendering its grapic right?

System Information
Acer- Windows 7 32 bit SP-1
Dell -Windows 10 pro 64bit
Operating System

  • CPU:
  1. Acer( Intelcore duo T500 2.2 Ghz).

  2. Dell (C60 1Ghz) but sounds very sad not powerful Cpu but can run perfectly other 3D games

  • GPU:
    Acer Mobile intel Graphic Media Accelerator X3100 with Ram 3GB.

Dell Ati Radeon HD6290 Ram 8GB

  • Citra Version (found in title bar): Nightly build in Dell and Citra32bit x86.

  • Game: Pokemon X

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

You have very old hardware, there is pretty much nothing you can do with those machines. You need to buy a new computer. Luckily there are Black Friday deals going on right now, maybe you can find something.

For budget gaming you can look into like Ryzen 3 3100 / i3-10100 systems. Pair those with an Nvidia graphics card and you are set pretty much.

So my old pc are not supported citra program? What if i use vega gpu does it support amd gpu too? or it is only support for gtx/rtx nvidia

Well AMD GPUs struggle with OpenGL applications on Windows. It is fine on Linux though.

But i have tested pokemon omega ruby on last week it works fine on my dell i wonder if there is any solution to fix citra for playing pokemon x this makes me more curious when i play omega ruby without problem. Is it citra are the ploblem or the roms.

Pokemon X and Y are a bit more demanding to play on Citra than Pokemon Oras. This is due to how the games themselves run. There’s a good chance that Pokemon Sun/Moon would run better on your machine than Pokemon X, even though they are more graphically demanding to run.