Citra keeps auto-entering names for me

I just got DBZ Fusions and was finished creating my character. I went to name him, but Citra vetoed my decision and thought that Citra would be a good name. How do i get it to stop doing this?

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you wait patiently for me to finish fixing the code to support the keyboard :slight_smile: is the code for the new software keyboard. the current code for software keyboard was written years ago and back then no one knew how the 3ds keyboard worked, and a work around was thrown into the code. whenever a game asked citra to show a keyboard, citra will just send the game “Citra” and tell the game that the user pushed the okay button. you can see why this isn’t the best, but its better than the game freezing!

about a year or so ago, fincs did a lot of reverse engineering and documented how games communicate with the 3ds to use the software keyboard. I read through his work and added support for it in citra, but haven’t taken the time to fix the issues with it yet, so its not ready to be in bleeding edge. As of right now, i’m working on clearing out my backlog of “things to fix” and so I’ll try to update this post when the feature makes it into bleeding edge.

Edit: also, your build has “dirty” in the titlebar. Did you compile this yourself or did you just download the latest nightly? If its the nightly than thats a different bug I should fix >.> If you built it yourself, you might be technical enough to pull the changes for the keyboard yourself if you don’t wanna wait for it to land in bleeding edge


Unfortunately i’m not tech savvy enough to make my own, so this is a nightly build.

Thanks for the response. How long do you think it’ll take?

as long as it takes for me to figure out how to resolve the issues with my code (and more importantly get the motivation to work on it some more). Most of the problems are extremely minor, but one of them potentially will take some time. The main thing thats holding it back is I write code full time for my day job, and I come home after work and simply don’t feel like writing any more code. So yeah, i’ll get around to it at some point, but you gotta realize that I’m just a human, and I too like to spend my free time playing video games and not working :slight_smile:

I always thought it was because it was auto-loading a working save with the name Citra or something.

Just edit the default name in Citra options, no?

No, that doesn’t change it. The software keyboard is stubbed and set to always write “Citra”

Same here facing problems with citra autoentering its name. System settings does not undo this. citra-windows-msvc-20170306-eb43581

Your issue has been addressed, there’s no need to report about it.

im still confused as how to slove this im pretty new and am not sure how to correct this mind explaining for me please?

you don’t, you wait for someone to implement the software keyboard or any work around method

what Ravenhome said. sorry but the keyboard isn’t going to be finished anytime soon. It has a major flaw in its design, and it can’t be finished until citra will properly support putting games on hold.