Citra Mac Fatal ERROR help

Citra Mac Fatal ERROR help
Try to load up Pokemon Alpha Sapphire but fatal error comes on
Mac 2016 Macbook Pro
Mac OS high sierra version 10.13.5
2.2 GHz Intel Core i7
Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB
Citra version 823
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

citra_log.txt (6.5 KB)

[ 0.009907] Frontend citra_qt/main.cpp:CheckForUpdates:533: Update check started
[ 0.855146] Frontend citra_qt/main.cpp:OnUpdateFound:546: No updates found
[ 72.777997] Service.CFG core/hle/service/cfg/cfg.cpp:GetConfigInfoBlockPointer:313: Config block 0xA0001 with flags 8 and size 2 was not found
[ 110.082014] Frontend citra_qt/main.cpp:BootGame:677: Citra starting…
[ 110.159324] Render.OpenGL video_core/renderer_opengl/renderer_opengl.cpp:Init:514: GL_VERSION: 4.1 INTEL-10.34.27
[ 110.159332] Render.OpenGL video_core/renderer_opengl/renderer_opengl.cpp:Init:515: GL_VENDOR: Intel Inc.
[ 110.159334] Render.OpenGL video_core/renderer_opengl/renderer_opengl.cpp:Init:516: GL_RENDERER: Intel Iris Pro OpenGL Engine
[ 110.161114] Loader core/loader/ncch.cpp:Load:159: Program ID: 000400000011C500
[ 110.161147] Service.FS core/file_sys/ncch_container.cpp:OpenFile:113: Failed to open /Users/chriskim/.local/share/citra-emu/sdmc/Nintendo 3DS/00000000000000000000000000000000/00000000000000000000000000000000/title/0004000e/0011c500/content/
[ 110.192514] Loader core/hle/kernel/process.cpp:ParseKernelCaps:114: ExHeader kernel version: 2.39
[ 110.193471] Service.CFG core/hle/service/cfg/cfg.cpp:SetPreferredRegionCode:602: Preferred region code set to 0
[ 110.193478] Service.CFG core/hle/service/cfg/cfg.cpp:SetPreferredRegionCode:610: System language 1 does not fit the region. Adjusted to 0
[ 110.193491] Service.CFG core/hle/service/cfg/cfg.cpp:GetConfigInfoBlockPointer:320: Invalid flag 4 for config block 0xA0002 with size 1
[ 110.217744] Service.SRV core/hle/service/sm/srv.cpp:RegisterClient:48: (STUBBED) called
[ 110.416485] Service.SRV core/hle/service/sm/srv.cpp:EnableNotification:70: (STUBBED) called
[ 110.420402] Service.APT core/hle/service/apt/apt.cpp:GetLockHandle:255: (STUBBED) called applet_attributes=0X00000000
[ 110.426391] Service.APT core/hle/service/apt/apt.cpp:SetScreenCapPostPermission:584: (STUBBED) called, screen_capture_post_permission=0
[ 110.427255] Service.NDM core/hle/service/ndm/ndm_u.cpp:OverrideDefaultDaemons:184: (STUBBED) bit_mask=0x0000000F
[ 110.427431] Service.NDM core/hle/service/ndm/ndm_u.cpp:SuspendDaemons:72: (STUBBED) bit_mask=0x00000006
[ 110.429174] Service.APT core/hle/service/apt/apt.cpp:NotifyToWait:234: (STUBBED) app_id=768
[ 110.432362] Service.APT core/hle/service/apt/apt.cpp:AppletUtility:454: (STUBBED) called command=0X00000007, input_size=0X00000004, output_size=0X00000001
[ 110.432777] Service.APT core/hle/service/apt/apt.cpp:AppletUtility:454: (STUBBED) called command=0X00000004, input_size=0X00000001, output_size=0X00000001
[ 110.437051] Service.FS core/hle/service/fs/fs_user.cpp:InitializeWithSdkVersion:540: (STUBBED) called, version: 0x070101C8
[ 110.448217] Service.SRV core/hle/service/sm/srv.cpp:Subscribe:142: (STUBBED) called, notification_id=0x209
[ 110.463015] Service.FS core/file_sys/archive_ncch.cpp:OpenFile:123: Shared Font file missing. Loading open source replacement from memory
[ 110.628457] Service.GSP core/hle/service/gsp/gsp_gpu.cpp:AcquireRight:681: called flag=00000000 process=10 thread_id=0
[ 110.670749] HW.Memory core/memory.cpp:GetPhysicalPointer:292: MMIO mappings are not supported yet. phys_addr=0x10B00000
[ 110.670758] HW.GPU core/hw/gpu.cpp:MemoryFill:87: invalid end address 0X10B00000
[ 110.791194] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp/dsp_dsp.cpp:LoadComponent:205: Firmware hash: 0xe00a211577bc944e
[ 110.791205] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp/dsp_dsp.cpp:LoadComponent:209: Structures hash: 0x228655de1258d999
[ 110.791208] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp/dsp_dsp.cpp:LoadComponent:212: (STUBBED) called size=0xC288, prog_mask=0x000000FF, data_mask=0x000E00FF
[ 110.792479] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp/dsp_dsp.cpp:RegisterInterruptEvents:267: Registered interrupt=2, channel=2, event=event-00147e60
[ 110.792967] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp/dsp_dsp.cpp:GetSemaphoreEventHandle:283: (STUBBED) called
[ 110.793393] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp/dsp_dsp.cpp:SetSemaphoreMask:293: (STUBBED) called mask=0x00002000
[ 110.793988] Audio.DSP audio_core/hle/hle.cpp:PipeWrite:149: Application has requested initialization of DSP hardware
[ 110.794285] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp/dsp_dsp.cpp:SetSemaphore:74: (STUBBED) called, semaphore_value=4000
[ 110.796582] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp/dsp_dsp.cpp:SetSemaphore:74: (STUBBED) called, semaphore_value=4000
[ 110.936886] Service.CFG core/hle/service/cfg/cfg.cpp:GetConfigInfoBlockPointer:313: Config block 0x30001 with flags 2 and size 8 was not found
[ 110.937814] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:ThrowFatalError:155: Fatal error
[ 110.937823] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:ThrowFatalError:157: Fatal error type: Generic
[ 110.937826] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:135: PID: 0x0000000A
[ 110.937828] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:137: REV: 0x00000000_0x0000D798
[ 110.937837] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:139: TID: 0x00000000_0x00000000
[ 110.937839] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:141: AID: 0x00000000_0x00000000
[ 110.937840] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:142: ADR: 0x0011866C
[ 110.937842] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:145: RSL: 0xD90103FA
[ 110.937843] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:146: Level: 27
[ 110.937844] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:147: Summary: 8
[ 110.937845] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:148: Module: 64
[ 110.937846] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:149: Desc: 1018
[ 110.937881] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:ThrowFatalError:168: Datetime: 2018/07/25 15:17:06
[ 117.272119] Service.CAM citra_qt/camera/qt_multimedia_camera.cpp:StopCameras:195: Stopping all cameras
[ 117.272130] Service.CAM citra_qt/camera/qt_multimedia_camera.cpp:ReleaseHandlers:213: Releasing all handlers
[ 165.324683] Frontend citra_qt/game_list.cpp:RefreshGameDirectory:626: Change detected in the games directory. Reloading game list.

I found some issues in that log that need resolving:

You may need to dump your system archives from your 3ds. Follow the instructions as said by Citra Bot to dump them and allow Citra to use them.

Take a look at the FAQ on section:
What should I do if I get an error saying something like GetConfigInfoBlock: Config block 0xXXXXX with flags X and size X was not found?

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is there anyway to do it without using a 3ds? i dont have one…

That is not really the issue. You are using open source fonts as an alternative to the shared fonts from a 3DS. The potential issue is what @bio3c posted above.

@Leo121 it says In this case, try deleting the file at user/nand/data/00000000000000000000000000000000/sysdata/00010017/00000000/config and running the latest version of Citra. If this does not work, then note the config block number (0xA0001 in the example) and file a bug report.

i cant find user/nand/data because im on a mac
or just inexperienced with computers :frowning: please help

You can go here to find out how to do so on Mac. It has some terminal commands that delete it for you if you dont want to mess with system permissions.

Hope this helps!

@tortsy64 it changed the fatal error description to:

Citra was unable to locate a 3DS system archive: NG bad word list. The game you are trying to load requires additional files from your 3DS to be dumped before playing.

You still need the system files from your 3DS. Please refer to our System Dumping Guide.

Canary currently has a replacement for bad word list. You can use that.