[CITRA MULTIPLAYER] Can't Ban Player From IP

why all the players that go to my server its ip is

docker ps -a

when the players enters the server

all ip is, including mine.

because of that, I could not ban the player via IP. Because all IPs are

docker command :

docker run -d
–publish 6969:6969/udp
–room-name “[ID] Citra Emu Merdeka”
–room-description "
No cheat alowed
Do not idle here
FB: https://bit.ly/citraemuidfb
WA: https://bit.ly/citraemuidwa
Donate: https://trakteer.id/bayuelsya
dc mhxx:discord.gg/R3KsVp5"
–preferred-game “Any GAMES”
–port 6969
–max_members 6
–token “my token”
–web-api-url https://api.citra-emu.org/

my server :

IP :
PORT : 6969

System Information
Server Centos 7, port forward with mikrotik

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