Citra multiplayer issue

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At the moment, when my friends and I play multiplayer in Citra, they can not connect with each other with the statement that they are disconnected.

The same phenomenon as YouTube video below

System Information

  • Operating System:
  • CPU: I5-4590
  • GPU: GTX660 2GB
  • Citra Version (found in title bar):
  • Game: New Super Mario Brothers 2
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):

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It does work, but it can be a hassle. it can crash or fail/disconnect, and depends on some factors i think synchronization being the most important. in my test this worked but it did crash a couple of times.
(not citra specifically, but it may fire a visual c++ runtime error, which doesn’t always crash citra and if that happen you may have to close citra on the task manager)

as you can see on the screenshot below this is probably due to poor performance on my pc.

did you regenerate your Console ID? just be aware that this can
break some save games, backup your citra user folder first.

that being said (it happened with me, so it can happen to you), you should create a room with one citra and connect directly with the other.

  1. Go to Multiplayer > Create Room:

  2. On the second instance go to Multiplayer > Direct connect to room:

make sure you are using the same port, use your ipv4 to connect (run “ipconfig /all” without quotes on cmd to find it)

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I tried to play console ID but it did not work
But I did not make room. Thank you for giving me a solution.

I tried, but it keeps loading.

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Are you sure that both your citra instances are connected to the same room?

Yes, my friend and I are connected to the same room.

No more progress on this screen

Same here with canary #605, i’m gonna test other builds, but in the meantime i’m sure that canary #584 works, you could use that one for now:

The problem is currently an issue in the Canary builds. In the meantime please switch to Nightly if you want to use Citras multiplayer features.

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as @flTobi said nightly (781 is the one i tested) works.
so does canary up to 585.

Oh thank you friend Multiplayer works on Canary 584 version !!

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oraz screen pomocy

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