Citra multiplayer

when ever i try to play ultra moon against others, there names wont refresh in my guest list? ’
i have signed in and out multiple times, check my in game settings to accept all battle and trades and joined at least 5 different lobbies, but only 1 person will come up on the guest list everyone else is grey old names.

citra_log.txt (3.6 KB)

post your system specs, also your log is invalid, open your game, reproduce your issue (i.e: go in game and where the guest list wont refresh) close citra, and upload your log.

ok im gonna repost and delete this one

Please ensure that you are in a room with others who are playing this game and have regenerated your console ID (Emulation -> Configure -> System).

You don’t have to delete or repost anything. You can just edit your original post.